Second Pregnancy Differences

I have officially reached 18 weeks, and guess what? I’m still nauseous! I thought I’d write a new post on just how different this pregnancy has been from the first.

First off, I knew I was pregnant 10DPO (‘days past ovulation’ for those those of you who do not stalk pregnancy forums). Yep, 5 days before I could even take a test (which would have still been early), I knew. How? Because I had an extremely vivid dream about eating sushi with the most beautiful slices of grapefruit. Weird right? I know. I woke up at 5 a.m. from this dream and took a pregnancy test, and, yep, I was preggo.

I’m also extremely emotional this time around. This is not my natural state of being. I’m usually super calm and sometimes a bit detached. For example, I was over the moon when Grey was born, but I didn’t shed a single tear. I didn’t even cry watching Disney’s tear-inducing Coco! I wasn’t moody with Grey in the least–no tears, no bouts of anger, nothing. This time? I had a meltdown because my husband didn’t bring me Shake Shack even though I wasn’t hungry and just ate lunch.

I still have morning sickness. I was sure I’d only be sick until I hit my second trimester (because pregnancy is magical that way). Well, here I am at 18 weeks and still unable to eat breakfast or brush my teeth without running to the toilet!

My cravings are so much healthier! This has been a huge plus this time around. With Grey, I gained 55lbs because I insisted on eating Chick-Fil-A every single day (except Sundays when Wendy’s chicken sandwich did the trick). This time, I love citrus, beans, and salads. Give me a bean burrito anytime of the day and I’m happy!

As with my dream, I’m more aware of what is going on with my body. I’ve felt flutters earlier on and am even showing (just a bit more) than last time (when I didn’t show at all!).

What were your favorite or least favorite parts of your second pregnancy?

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