Potty Training: Attempt 1

With the soon-to-be addition of a baby to the family, the prospect of having two little ones in diapers is a bit overwhelming. I mean we love our Honest Diapers, but to be completely honest, Grey isn’t exactly in diapers anymore; in fact, he’s been wearing Honest training pants for quite a few months. That is, without the training. It was just easier to slide the training pants onto our toddler who was quickly outgrowing his size 6 diapers.

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Our decision to start potty training wasn’t a hard one. I mean who wants to change the result of an adult-sized BM (sorry, tmi?). Plus, everyone on my Instagram seemed to be successfully potty training their 2 to 3-year-olds over the past few weeks… How hard could it be?

So, we armed ourselves with 14 pairs of Paw Patrol and Superhero underwear, a potty ring for the toilet, a positive attitude, the basics of potty training (a la our favorite mommy blogs), and we started training at 5pm on a random night, because first I had to buy an extra ring for the upstairs restroom.

The first evening, we had accidents in at least 5 pairs of underwear and a whole lot of carpet scrubbing, but we were feeling optimistic when he woke up dry in the middle of the night and didn’t have another accident until 5 a.m.

Day 2  provided us with many more undies to wash, but we had three triumphant potty moments. Grey was also excited to sit on the potty since he was allowed to watch YouTube Kids. I decided to do a little more research about potty training, and discovered that a majority of kids don’t learn to night potty train until the ages of 4 to 6. With this in mind, I decided to use the training pants for nighttime.

Day 3, we woke up feeling optimistic. We put Grey on the potty first thing in the morning and put him right back into his underwear. Unfortunately, we had an accident before we even left the restroom. Then, nothing for two hours. At first this seemed like a triumph, he was holding it, but then another hour, and yet another went by and I realized he was really holding it. I made several attempts to get him on the potty, but he had full blown tantrums each time. By lunchtime, I knew it was time to stop. Yep, that’s right, I decided to put potty training on hold. Not because it was too hard, but it was obviously stressing out my child. Changing “diapers” for a few more weeks or months is no biggie. And in retrospect, I think we were more ready for potty training than he was. I’ll be sure to keep updating our potty training successes and not-so-successes.


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