Natural Cold Remedies for Kids


Cold and flu season is in full swing and with the added stressors of the holiday season, lots and lots of sugar, and colder weather it is likely that your kiddos (and inevitably, you) will come down with a cold this season. In fact, our little family is just getting over a virus ourselves.

In general, we try to live a fairly healthy lifestyle: organic (when we can), mostly paleo, water and lemon are as exciting as drinks get in this house (well, except for coffee), natural body products, etc. So, when it comes to colds and viruses we try to go the natural route as well.

Here are our go-to kid-friendly cold remedies:

1. You can always find a bottle of  Hyland’s Baby Day time & Night time Tiny Cold Tablets in our medicine cabinet. Don’t be fooled by the title, the tablets can be used for infants to 3+ years. These make Grey feel better in general, but why  I really rave about these little white tablets is the fact his runny nose is nonexistent in a matter of 30 minutes! Hyland’s is singlehandedly saving shirt sleeves and little noses everywhere.

2. Our Naturopathic doctor turned us on to colloidal silver last year, and we’ve been super fans ever since! Used to support the immune system, we use it at the first sign of a cold. It is not a “cure” as some might suggest, but rather it can prevent the cold from getting worse and help you and your little feel better faster, while alleviating some of the discomfort. Just sneak it in some water, orange juice, or a smoothie.
Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver

3. Chest rub is a must, especially in the evenings when coughing fits seem to be at their worst. There are a lot of natural options these days including Zarbee’s and Nature’s baby, you can even make your own! We also really love Matys All Natural Baby Chest Rub–it’s super effective, and smells more like a spa treatment and less like a hospital.

4. Bone broth. We may be getting too crunchy for some people at this point, but believe me drinking bone broth in the midst of a horrible cold will change your life! You can read up on the benefits of bone broth for your everyday health, but when it comes to to the dreaded cold it works wonders: bone broth helps to release mucus in the sinuses and lungs, settles the tummy (you can put away those puke buckets), provides your little with much needed nutrients during a time when their appetite can seem nonexistent, and it tastes delicious. You can find readymade bone broth at health food stores and WholeFoods, but there is nothing like having it homemade. Here’s a super easy bone broth recipe from my favorite paleo lady Dan Sanfilippo.

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