Why You Should Have A Mommy Hobby

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Photo: Emily Wilson

Before I was a mom, I had a lot of hobbies (my hobbies are a little less “active” than most just putting that out there): Yoga twice a day (at home of course, because I always fall asleep in corpse pose so the studio isn’t for me). Fashion blogging. Fashion shows and events. Vietnamese iced coffee and Pho with the girls. Shopping. Spa-ing. Styling. 

Then Grey came and I put everything on hold, and I mean everything. Similar to my style, it took me a long time to figure out what “me time” looked like as a mom. Around the two-year mark I started feeling like myself again (both physically and emotionally), and was ready to venture back into the land of styling.  I started off slow, shy, and a little self-conscious, but as I forced myself to continue things began to pickup again and I’ve been able to express my creativity in ways I didn’t (and perhaps couldn’t) before I was a mom.

The Honest Company

The few hours I spend away from home and mommy life to pull clothes, to do fittings, and be at photo shoots gives me an opportunity to be myself (not mom, not wife, not daughter, etc.). Some may disagree, but having those moments that are just about me-my wants, my passion, my creativity-are much needed and I think make me a better mom. I can go home re-energized, feeling fulfilled and productive. Which reminds me, having a supportive partner is key to this whole thing.

Photo: Emily Wilson

I hope that my commitment to my passions will encourage Grey to always pursue what makes him happy–finding that delicate balance between family and passion.

What hobbies and passions help you stay grounded and energized?


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