Best Gifts to Buy for Your Mom Friends

Ah, the mom friend. There is no greater gift to a mom than another mom who totally gets it–all of it–the lack of sleep, the need for wine and dark chocolate at the end of the day, the reason you really wear yoga pants every day (and it’s definitely not because you’ve been working out). So how do you show that special mama in your life just how much you appreciate her friendship? Well, I’ve come up with a special Misguided Mama Gift Guide For Mom Friends (you might want to order two of everything… cause you definitely deserve a gift too)!

These ‘mom’ wine glasses are adorable and remind us that even though this mama gig is hard, there is always humor to be found, even on the toughest days!

Funny Mom Juice Wine Glass, 17oz

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy Wine Glass

Every mom deserves to have 20 minutes to herself indulging in a warm bath, silence, and the sheer joy of a LUSH bath bomb. A little insider secret… You can break the bath bomb in half with a butter knife for two crazy nights of relaxation.


The coffee snob mom friends of the world will love you forever and be totally impressed when they unwrap this French Press Coffee & Tea Maker. Don’t forget to add a bag of coffee from your local coffee shop!

Moms can never have enough t-shirts…cause let’s be honest, who has time for laundry? Plus, a cute ‘mom’ saying makes it seem like you actually “tried” to get ready 😉 .

Mom Life Tee

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