Best Baby Bottles

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve had to go bottle shopping, but I still remember the frustration that comes with trying to find the “right bottle” for your little one. So, I’ve decided to help all you new mamas out there and do a product review on the ones we used.

1. MAM Anti-Colic Bottle

What we loved:

– Very easy to clean, no extra tools needed.

– Adorable

– Baby Grey had an easy time latching.

– Bottle shape was easy to hold (for mom).

– The vented base really did help with colic.

Not so much: 

– Slowest nipple was still very fast.

– Caps were impossible to get off (at least they felt like it).

**If the nipple was slow enough this would have been our bottle of choice!**

2. AVENT Natural Bottle, 4 Ounce

Not so much: 

– Wide nipple made it hard to latch, milk spilled out the sides of Baby Grey’s mouth.

– For us, the ergonomic bottle was a bit too wide on the 4oz.

– Newborn nipple was too fast for Baby Grey.


3.Playtex Baby Nurser Baby Bottle with Drop-Ins Disposable Liners

What we loved: 

– Hello easy clean up: throw away the liner, clean the nipple, and rinse the bottle.

– Liners are pre-sterilized.


Not so much: 

– These do not work very well for mixing powder formula. We had to mix in a separate bottle then pour into the liner.

– I could never figure out how to get the air out of the liner without losing milk too.


4. Dr. Brown’s Bottle, 8 Ounce

What we loved: 

– They have a PREMIE nipple!!! This is the main reason we decided to try Dr. Brown’s. When slow, newborn, level 1 were all too fast we were desperate to find a bottle Baby Grey could use without choking, gagging, or letting the milk pour out of his mouth, and the premie nipple was our answer.

– Slim bottle is easy to hold.

– Caps are easy to remove.

– Internal vent system drastically helped Baby Grey’s gas issues.

-Smaller nipple helped baby boy latch perfectly.

-These are the ones we stuck with.

Not so much: 

– Formula/Milk will flow right out of the nipple if the bottle gets tipped over. Our sheets, car, diaper, bag have all been drenched in formula several times. Baby boy also figured this out and found it fun to hold his bottle upside down.

– I will admit that all the pieces are a pain to clean, and is even harder if you lose the little brush that comes with it.

– Mixing powder formula doesn’t work in this bottle as the liquid gets into the vent system and causes leaks. You can mix it before putting the vent system. We actually switched to ready-to-feed liquid formula.

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