Tips for Entertaining Kids During Holiday Gatherings

This year we will have 25 to 30 guests over for Thanksgiving. Approximately a third of those guests will be under the age of ten. If your family is anything like ours, games will be had: Phase 10, Scategories, Heads Up!, Cranium, etc. However, these games tend to be over-the-heads of anyone under 12 (even when the packaging says 8+). Resulting in pouting kids who want to play with the adults or frustrated adults trying to help the little ones along. And if that’s not happening, then a rousing and destructive game of Tag..You’re It! ensues.

This year, I decided to be prepared–armed with activities to keep the kiddos (of any age) busy for hours.

  1. Kid-friendly games like Classic Operation Game, Monopoly Jr., Headbandz, and definitely Pie Face! (which is actually fun for young and old alike).

2. Thanksgiving Crafts. You can do the classic Construction Paper Turkey, Fun Leaf Etching or just put a bunch of crafts supplies on a table and let the creativity flow freely!

Leaf Etching Craft from Maryland Hall – Creative Arts on Vimeo.

3. I mentioned this in my post of about New Family Holiday Traditions – a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt can keep kiddos busy for at least 20minutes…though depending on how difficult you make it, it can go on for hours. You can pair up little ones with older kids and do the scavenger hunt in groups as well. Perhaps even offer a small prize.

4. Purchase a small artifical Christmas Tree and dollar store decorations and let them get a head start on Christmas decorating.

5. Movie and snacks. This never fails. The kids cannot resists the likes of a good movie and popcorn (if you don’t want hyper kids steer clear of the candy).

Cars 3 [Blu-ray]



    • Yes! It’s so much fun… you can always go old school and have them make popcorn or construction paper garland to keep them extra busy!

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