Family Holiday Traditions To Start This Year

I’ll admit, we have been slacking on this whole ‘new family traditions’ thing. Last year we didn’t even dress-up Grey for Halloween (although, this year we did manage to get an Iron Man costume that was one size too small…  he didn’t seem to mind). Okay, I suppose we haven’t completely slacked, we’ve gone to Disneyland for his last two birthdays, and we’ve decided that his Christmas presents come in a giant Mickey Mouse Christmas bag (we just started that last year because the bag was like a $1 with our Disney Store purchase).

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In my defense, or at least what I like to tell myself, Grey is going to be 3–he has no prior experiences to compare these things to. On that same note, he is about to be 3 and understand the whole idea of opening presents on Christmas Day (or Eve… we haven’t ironed that one out either). So then why am I writing a post about family Holiday traditions? Well, I figured we could all use a little help in this area and there are super parents out there who also love to post these things on Pinterest. I’ve found my favorites and put that Misguided Mama twist on them… Now you can pick and choose your favorite ideas from the Misguided Mama Family Holiday Traditions list:

Holiday Traditions

Which Misguided Mama Holiday Tradition will your family be starting this year?

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