Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials


Whether your toddler is potty trained or not (we are well into size 6 diapers), it is likely you still need a “diaper bag.” This bag has usually evolved from the typical diaper bag to something along the lines of an oversized purse, tote, or our favorite a Honest City Backpack. Although the load has become significantly lighter (no more bottles, burp clothes, or change of clothes), there are still some definite must-haves you’ll always find in my toddler diaper bag.

1. Wet Ones – You may no longer need a burp cloth, but there are a whole lot of other sticky situations you’ll find yourself in with a toddler. I also use these to wipe down high chairs, boosters, and tables at restaurants or the tray table on an airplane.

2.Purell Jelly Wrap Travel Size Hand Sanitizer – At this point I probably seem like a germaphobe, but let’s face it your toddler is going to touch things, gross things, and they are not going to think twice about putting their hands in their eyes or mouth after doing so. These little hand sanitizers are lifesavers, especially after a run at the play place at any given mall.

3. Snacks are a must. I literally never leave home with out an assortment of 2 or 3 different snacks. Whipping out a Happy Baby Tot Organic Bar as soon as I catch a hint of grumpiness gives me a few extra minutes to get my toddler back in the car and home for lunch or dinner before hangry kicks in.

4. Sippy, water bottle, or 360 cup. Water is a must. Always. 
NUK Boy Magic 360 10-Ounce Cup, 1 Pack by NUK USA

5. A toy or activity of some sort. This can be a car, a small figurine, or magnetic drawing board. As much as I would enjoy someone pushing me around in a stroller all day while I take in the sights, my toddler doesn’t seem to always enjoy being strapped into the stroller. A toy usually gives him a break from the monotony of the grownup world.

What are your toddler diaper bag must-haves?


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