SIDS and Crib Safety

Like most parents, we were deliriously tired the first 6 months of Grey’s life. It was all the normal new-parent stuff keeping us awake at night: feedings, diapers changes, staring in awe while our baby slept, and of course all those pesky (but valid) worries. I don’t know a single parent who hasn’t woken up suddenly out of a deep sleep asking, “Is the baby okay?!”

Since Grey was a premie, and suffered from breathing issues at birth, SIDS was a major concern. We were very careful about Grey’s sleeping conditions and followed tips and advice from reputable organizations like the Mayo Clinic: place baby on back to sleep, keep the crib bare as possible, offer a pacifier, and proper sleepwear.

September is Baby Safety Month and October is SIDS Awareness Month. Misguided Mama has partnered with QuckZip to spread awareness about crib safety. Their crib sheets wraparound base fully covers the underside of the mattress so when zipped, it’s impossible for the sheet to pop off the mattress, adding an extra level of security for baby and peace of mind for parents. Get started with the QuickZip  Crib Starter pack, now 25% off by clicking on the banner below!

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More Info about SIDS:

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