My 2-year-old Still Uses A Pacifier


I may be a little misguided here, but who cares if your toddler still uses a pacifier. So does mine.

That’s right, I am shouting it from the mommy blog rooftops: Grey still uses a pacifier.

When my almost three-year-old needs to sleep and can’t seem to get to that point on his own (even with my aid)–pacifier.

When Grey is about to throw an epic tantrum in the middle of Target, and I’m alone–pacifier.

When he is feeling sad and doesn’t know how to regulate his emotions on his own–pacifier.

Anybody else?

And guess what? It’s actually okay. If you don’t believe me, I have a professional to back me up:

“From a dental-health perspective, it’s best to limit the pacifier when a child is 2 and stop it entirely by the time a child is 4,” says John Stritikus, DDS, a pediatric dentist in Dickson, Tennessee. via

So, no worries Mama, you’ve got time, and so does your little one. Next time someone looks at you crazy when you provide your child with a bit of comfort in the form of a pacifier, send them to me, I’ll set them straight. 😉

Ready to wean? Check out this article from BabyCenter for tips on gently weaning your toddler.

And for kicks and giggles these are Grey’s favorite pacifiers:

NUK 3 Piece Orthodontic Pacifiers

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