4 Ideas for Date Night With Your Kids


Just a short three years ago, the hubby and I would take every opportunity to get out and explore the world together: a new coffeeshop, local eateries, bookstores, antique shops, cultural centers, surrounding cities and towns, the Japanese bakery in Little Tokyo, anywhere. We were the cool kids who didn’t need “a date night,” because every night belonged to us.

Then, Thanksgiving Day of 2014, Grey arrived on the scene and the exploring came to a halt. We now had this little human being who needed us every moment, of every day. Plus, we were too exhausted to even think about leaving the house. Instead we were busy exploring this new thing called parenthood. Several months later, the new-parent haze lifted and we began to feel more comfortable in our roles as mom and dad–we were ready to start exploring again, but this time as a family.

We have now joined the designated “date night” club, but more often than not we’d rather take the kiddo with us. Here are some of our favorite family date nights:

  1. Fro-Yo. How can you not get excited about the possibilities that come with the build-your-own nature of frozen yogurt?! Sprinkles, cookies, fruity pebbles, a strawberry here, a dash of caramel there. Oh! The excitement! Plus you can control how much “ice cream” your little one gets. 😉
  2. An Outdoor mall. We, ok I love the mall, but it’s even better when it’s outdoors and Grey can run around while we window shop. We always stop for a pretzel too.
  3. Netflix and Pizza. If we are all honest with ourselves, this is what every ideal date night looks like. You get to wear your pajamas, eat PIZZA, and watch a Disney movie (even if we’ve already seen it 500 times).
  4. A New Park. Some parks are just better than others. You know the ones with train rides, carousels, and ice cream. Even with droves of kids running around, a park can be kind of romantic.

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