How I Effectively Treat My Toddler’s Eczema


Since Grey was about 4-months-old, we have been dealing with bouts of eczema on and off. We’ve discovered that some of it is triggered by food sensitivities, but for the most part what causes these breakouts is still a mystery, which the allergist says he should outgrow.

Either way, we’ve tried just about every natural and not-so-natural eczema lotion for children, with very little success. That is, until another mom (thank goodness for mom friends, am I right?) told me about Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion. Yes, this is going to be a product review, because 1) I believe in passing along valuable information to other moms and 2) this product actually worked.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Lotion

My husband and I are very cautious of what goes on our bodies as well as what goes in them. When considering the fact that chemicals in body products have the potential to be absorbed into the blood stream, we tried our best to find natural alternatives for eczema treatment. This lotion is almost as natural as you can get. Here is some more technical info from the Mama’s Earth website:

The second thing I absolutely love about this product is that it is creamy, the way you think lotion should feel,  like a yummy whipped dessert (maybe I’m just hungry). In other words, not like I’m slathering petroleum jelly all over my little one, which I’m pretty sure is the base for a majority of eczema lotions out there.

Speaking of dessert, both the lavender and vanilla orange scents are amazing, but seriously buy the vanilla orange! If you thought you couldn’t resist little kisses and cuddles before… well, just wait and see!

Last, but not least, it actually worked. After three to four days of using the lotion in the morning and before bed, Grey’s eczema had significantly improved. After a couple of weeks, it was 99% gone. Now we use it to maintain a healthy, happy kiddo with healthy, happy skin. If he starts to breakout we increase our use to several times a day.

What other natural ways have you been able to manage your child’s eczema? 

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