5 Reasons I Refuse to Throw My Toddler a Birthday Party


I can’t bring myself to throw Grey a birthday party. Instead, for the past two years, we’ve taken our son to Disneyland for his birthday as well as have a quiet dinner at home with his grandparents.  There are so many reasons that opting out of throwing a birthday party seems like the obvious choice, at least for our family:

  1. Grey has no idea what is going on. He literally can’t distinguish between a birthday present wrapped in Lightening McQueen wrapping paper and an Amazon delivery box.
  2. I genuinely enjoy spending time with my family. Birthdays seem like the best excuse to spend quality time with them.
  3. I’m tired. Like, really tired. I like to think I’m saving other tired parents both time and money.
  4. My husband and I love Disneyland! Thankfully Grey is a big fan of Mickey Mouse and Goop (Goofy) too. *Notice money isn’t one of the reasons…but I will say I should now be certified as a Hotwire and Priceline travel agent*
  5. Grey’s birthday is nestled between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which unfortunately leaves him susceptible to the holiday-birthday combination celebration (nice rhyme, huh?).

Perhaps when our Toddler reaches school age, birthday parties may seem to make more sense. Until then, I like to think we are creating a new tradition for our little family, one that is all our own. One that we hope Grey will come to love…


The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2018

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