Why I Won’t Cut My Son’s Hair


“Repeat after me. I’m a boy.”

“I boy!”

“Very good my little love!”

Certainly I don’t mind when the waitress at just about every restaurant asks, “What will she have to drink?” or when the the sweet grandma asks, “How old is she?” After all, our son is beautiful. But, perhaps one day Grey will mind that people keep calling him a her–at least he’ll be able to speak up for himself. So, then why don’t we just cut it?

For one, it’s kind of a tradition. My mom didn’t cut my twin brothers’ curly locks until they were three, and they were too adorable. My husband had longer hair as a young boy and has grown his hair longish on and off throughout our relationship.

With Grey’s third birthday just around the corner, I’ve really started to think about the idea of finally letting scissors touch those precious curls. But I’m positive I’m going to chicken out, because let’s be honest, his hair is kind of amazing! Plus the kid can rock a mean mini man bun… and I wouldn’t be a true millennial mom if my son didn’t have a man bun!


Also, because it just suits him. Grey is as unique and spirited as his long curly hair… and we love him just the way he is. I mean who cares if we have to use a bottle of detangler a week…Hopefully, we’re teaching him to love who he is inside and out.  So that when or if he does want to cut his hair, it will be simply because he wants to, not because of what someone thinks.

Or maybe we’ll change our minds next week. Because, parenthood.

Honest Conditioning Detangler

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