3 Reasons to Switch From a Diaper Bag to a Backpack

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 3.08.53 PM
Rocking my backpack straps with Grey in Sedona.

I was ecstatic when my husband showed up at the end of my baby shower and surprised me with my very own Kate Spade New York diaper bag, even better it was in my signature print, polka dots! It held everything a new mommy needed (which when you are a noob, is a lot) and it was Kate! Spade! However, around the year-and-a-half mark, it began to feel too large as my list of  necessities grew smaller. That’s when I spotted a super stylish mommy wearing a backpack at the mall. I’ll admit, the fashion stylist part of me had to have this new shiny bag, but it was the mama side of me that came up with so many reasons it was time to switch.

Here are just a few in case you need that extra, but gentle push:

A backpack allows you to be hands free. Pre-baby me always wore a cross body purse, because it was easier to sort through racks of clothes,  text my mom, drink my coffee and push my Target shopping cart with, you guessed it, two hands! Now that I’m a mama of a toddler it is even more important that I have both hands available to intersect little hands trying to pet the porcelain doggie at the store or drink my coffee while simultaneously squeezing a Happy Tot pouch into Grey’s mouth.

Jansport Half Pint Backpack

Versatility. I’m telling you, these backpacks are so cute I wear them on set, to date night, and of course anytime I have the little one with me. You can choose from your regular Jansport backpack to something super stylish from Betsy Johnson.

Betsey Johnson Women’s Backpack

Most importantly, at least in my mind, they are far less expensive than a traditional diaper bag. Now, I know not everyone is shelling out $300 plus for a polka dot designer diaper bag (don’t judge us, Grey was our first and presumed only baby), but even the most decent, inexpensive diaper bag is going to run you $40 or so, that’s pricey enough that I wouldn’t want to buy more than one. On the other hand, I purchased each of my current backpacks for $15 or less! Though, I might splurge on a designer backpack if I love it enough. 😉

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